A Home-Grown Yoga Community for Every Body

Welcome to Whirligig Studio

Welcome to our home-grown yoga community. The Whirligig Studio's mission is to create an inviting, accessible, welcoming and safe environment so the practice of yoga is sustainable for every body. Each person comes to their practice each day in a unique body and mindset. The beauty of this is the potential of transformation, in one form or another, simply by showing up and connecting breath and movement. 

Whether you are an experienced practitioner or considering trying yoga for the first time, I am happy you are here. Through physical movement, self-inquiry and mindfulness, a regular practice of yoga creates a sense of well-being that flows off the mat and into our everyday life. What does this look like? How will the practice meet you? However you show up to your class, there is a practice of movement and mindfulness ready to greet you. It is a moment-by-moment experience that changes with every pose and breath. 

Be at play with the discovery of growth and possibilities through your yoga practice!

Whirligig Studio offers a variety of classes—slow-flow, yin yoga, chair yoga, and power yoga. If yoga is new for you, please reach out to me. I am available for private or semi-private practices (sliding fee) to get you started. I’d be pleased to consult with those who work with kids or create an age-appropriate kids' yoga series. Along with studio teaching, I have taught in many different settings and events such as the Green River Festival, elementary and high schools, as well as public libraries.

Currently, the studio offers a virtual yin Zoom community class and small semi-private in-person classes at our intimate home-based studio. The in-studio classes are typically vinyasa power flow in a warm studio, but every class is different depending on the student's needs that day, and we may mix in restorative or yin poses as well. There is a maximum of 10 clients per practice. All clients must be vaccinated. Respect is always given to personal concerns and requests. The studio has an ERV system (Recovery Ventilation System) which circulates fresh air into the studio on an ongoing basis. The studio, the mats, and the props are cleaned after each use. Join me as we grow and thrive in our bodies, minds and hearts while we support each other.

My Practice and Teaching

I have been practicing yoga in various modalities since the 1970’s, though for many years, sporadically. About 15 years ago, going through some rough personal transitions, I became committed to my yoga practice. It became an anchor in my life and created the space for much-needed personal time where I could focus on myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In 2015, I decided to take a 200-hour yoga teacher training. I had no idea where this would lead me but loved the challenge, the self-inquiry, and the intense physical practice. After completing the training, I pursued opportunities to practice teaching at local studios, only to discover that I had stage fright! This has (mostly) been overcome by the desire and passion to share an empowering yoga experience with as many people as I can. Like most yoga teachers, I am continually leveling up my knowledge and expertise with focused yoga teacher trainings, and recently added certification in teaching Yoga for the Stages of Menopause, as well as Advanced training in Yin Yoga and Chair Yoga.

After rotator cuff surgery in 2020, and during the pandemic, I took several months off from practicing and teaching. It was a very slow and painful healing process. This evolved into an amazing gift. I have a greater understanding and compassion for the human body and a much stronger appreciation of how each body shows up in its own unique way. I am currently working to complete a 300-hour Intro to Yoga Therapy Training with the Yoga San Kalpa Teaching School with a focus on body mechanics, anatomy, history and philosophy, and yoga in the aging body. Taking care to listen to our bodies and our spirit as we set our focus on movement and breath encourages us to be fully present in our lives. It is from here that the possibilities can blossom. 

Certifications & Trainings

(Yoga San Kalpa Teaching School/Yoga of the Valley)